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  • Uninvited Guests: Negative Emotions and How to Coexist

    It’s inevitable. Anger, frustration, irritation, defensiveness, powerlessness, fear.  These negative emotions are going to come into your daily life uninvited.  Some will be frequent guests that wreak havoc on your life and cause tremendous stress.  You just want them to leave, but they won’t go.  Others will be occasional guests that reveal issues you didn’t […]

  • Inspiration & Encouragement
  • Stop Feeling Guilty: The One Question to Ask Yourself

    Be your own friend. When guilt creeps up on you, ask yourself: What would I tell a friend? Get Rid of Guilt About Me Time I went for a walk after work and felt guilty. I felt guilty for doing something for myself.  So I asked myself, what would I tell a friend? You go! […]

  • Mommyhood & Family Time
  • Tips for Creating a Toddler and Mommy Schedule

    Don’t be overwhelmed. You can do this. My schedule used to be free play around meal times and a short time for tv.  I would try to add in different activities but the boys often weren’t interested and seemed easily bored.  So I started toy rotation and planned some times when I just started playing […]

  • Work & Time Management
  • Time: The Elusive Beast I Cannot Catch

    time and stress

    It hides from me.  I try to tackle it, capture it. Hold it still, but it always gets away. Lately I’ve been feeling the crunch for more time.  More time to write, read, do craftsy stuff, and sneak in a workout.  Each morning at four thirty I start my morning routine: make breakfast for the family, […]

  • Mommyhood & Family Time
  • 11 Creative Ways to Display and Preserve Your Kids’ Art

    Your kids first art projects, what do you do with them?  By the end of the month you have a stack of paper.  How do you store it? Display it? I’ve been storing all the papers in a binder but it’s starting to overflow already. I decided to create something meaningful for them because years […]

  • Fun & Me Time
  • Three Entertaining True Story Must Reads for Animal Lovers

    I always find it difficult to find inspiring non-fiction.  I’m so glad my mom is a voracious reader who likes non-fiction and has the same taste as me.  She recently recommended some true stories about animals that I absolutely loved and hope you will as well.  I think my favorite is Following Atticus.  This is […]

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  • Two Essential Things to Tell Yourself When You Compare Yourself to Others

    self esteem

    Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we can. Often we just accept a negative view of ourselves as fact. However, it doesn’t have to be true if you don’t want it to be.   Stop saying to yourself… I won’t ever be as stylish as her. I won’t ever be as good a baker. […]

  • Cooking & Entertaining
  • Winter Warm Up: 5 Soups to Savor and Stay Cozy

    Nothing says comforting like wrapping your hands around a warm cup or bowl of soup. I love Panera’s broccoli cheese in a bread bowl, especially because I can eat the bowl, but I love making soups even more. They’re a great thing to serve guests too.  I recently served an autumn harvest stew with cheddar […]

  • Cooking & Entertaining
  • Make Dinner Easy with Freezer and Bulk Cooking

    Ever stuck on a weeknight not knowing what to have for dinner or lacking the time to make dinner and take out sounds more and more appealing?   I love freezer, crockpot, and bulk cooking for this reason!   It’s easy to do and takes a much or as little time as you want.  I can simply […]

  • Mommyhood & Family Time
  • 5 Ways to Calm Down in the Moment for Overwhelmed Moms

    Sometimes it feels like you’re up to your eyeballs swimming in stress, treading water in sludge you just can’t push past and you’re tired, so tired. It’s okay. Sometimes we need to sit down and have a heart to heart. With ourselves. We’ve All Been There And that’s what I had to do because there’s […]