11 Creative Ways to Display and Preserve Your Kids’ Art

Your kids first art projects, what do you do with them?  By the end of the month you have a stack of paper.  How do you store it? Display it?

I’ve been storing all the papers in a binder but it’s starting to overflow already.

I decided to create something meaningful for them because years from now they won’t know what to do with a stack of paper from when they were three either.

A project you made for them using their art: that they’ll remember.


  • Have kids choose favorite to hang up and keep.  Here are ideas to display them: Rotating art display.  You can see ideas here.  I particularly like the matching frames with binder clips to display and easy open frames to rotate pictures effortlessly. Learn how to make the frames with clips here.
  • Create story with art pieces if one or more go together (can take pictures and use same picture throughout story.)
  • Create a collage of your kid’s art on a Canva, PicMonkey, or Photoshop and print it.  Put it in the frame.  Then hang a photo of your child above the artwork like this woman did.  Looks great!

Full Service 

  • Create your own book using plumprint.  Prices start at $40 for digital copy only and $80 for softcover book
  • Have Shutterfly help you preserve your kids’ art on a mug, charm bracelet, minibook, canvas, plate, pillow, or puzzle. Prices range $10-50+
  • Itsy art will compress your children’s art into smaller size to create a lovely display. My favorite is the finger print name and initial artwork piece. Prices start at $50
  • Send your art to Artkive. They professionally photograph it and upload it to your account.  Create custom books.  A shipping kit starts at $39 and books start at $75 for 25 pieces of art.
  • Make a key chain, stuffed animal or ornament out of your kids art and momentos.  Love these ideas.
  • Kids Kreations  has a unique assortment of products you can turn your kids art into: beach towel, apron, charm, car shade, cutting board, magnet, stickers, puzzle and more.  This is a fundraising service but you can order for yourself as well. Prices start at $14.50
  • Print Art Kids provides many gift ideas to preserve your kids’ art.  I like the puzzle, gift labels, notepads, note cards, and address labels.  Creative ways to celebrate your child’s art all the time! Prices start at $14.50, many cost 20+.
  • You can even make candles by having your child draw on tissue paper and heat transfer it onto the candle.  Wow!  See how here.

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