5 Faith Based Movies to Watch on Netflix

Sometimes I like to watch movies that center me and faith based movies do that for me.

Here are some I’d recommend.

I love the Bible Miniseries.  Excellent.  Professional and movie.  This was created by Roma Downey from Touched by an Angel and her husband.    Here are more biblical movies: The Book or RuthThe Book of DanielThe Book of Ester.

Highway to Heaven: I used to love watching this show with my mom growing up.  The premise is that Michael Landon, an angel, and his ex-cop partner, actor Victor French, help people find their way in life.  For example they help people at a resident home for the elderly, a trouble thief, a terminally ill boy and his mother, a teen recovering from a tragic accident, etc.  Very inspirational.  In fact, I think I might start watching it again.

Veggietales: If you’ve never seen these cartoons, you’re in for a treat.  They silly, fun, and packed with morals.  All the characters are fruits and vegetables.  I’ve never seen these new versions, but if they’re anything like the ones I watched in the 90s with people in my high school youth group (yeah we liked silly kid’s cartoons – and you can too), they’ll be great!

23 Blast: This is an amazing movie about a high schooler who becomes blind and returns to playing football. This is based on a true story.  Inspiring!

The Letters: This is the story of Mother Theresa in the last forty years of her life as told from letters to her friend and spiritual advisor, a Vatican priest.  It recounts her persistance, trust, and compassion.  I really enjoyed this movie!

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