5 Workout Videos to do with Your Kids

Sports. Running around outside.  These are all great forms of exercise, but what if you want to do it with you kiddo?  What if you’re stuck inside on rainy or winter morning.  These videos come to the rescue.

Release some energy in a fun way.

Animal Exercise.  Do the alligator or the crab.  Quick and easy to follow.






Ridiculously Fun Dance for Kids.  Fun music.  Easy to do. For a variety of age ranges.  Length is short, under 3 minutes.





This is one of my favorite exercise sites because there’s a tremendous amount of variety to their exercise videos.  You can search by target area, time, equipment, and difficulty.  So great to see a fun kid’s exercise video from Fitness Blender!  It’s long (25 minutes) but you could do pieces of it and the best part is that it has a red light / green light game component too.






Fun Exercise Workout for 3-9 Year Olds. Kick a ball into the net with the instructor as you exercise.  Cute cartoon drawings do the exercises with the instructor.  Length is 12 minutes.






Exercise for Kids.  Designed for elementary age or older but I would so do this with my little ones once we got used to doing exercise together.  Love the music.  Longer video 16 min.






Image are screenshots of the videos on YouTube.


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