About Me

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I’m Katie, a mother of two rambunctious boys and middle school teacher with a mission: create a website with content that empowers people (especially women.)

I’m not going to be able to answer your questions about creating the perfect centerpiece, the best art projects for your two year old, or what to make for dinner with ground beef.  I’m searching Pinterest for answers just like you.

Instead, I can provide you strategies and tools.

Strategies to try and then try another one, because it never works the first time right? And that’s okay.

Tools that help you look inside yourself.  Tools that help you blend those brilliant ideas from blogging moms and ladies with your own life.   Because in the end it’s not about what those amazing ladies do or think.

It’s about you.  

What works for you. What works for your family.

I’m here to give you back the power when you’re sitting on the couch surfing the internet trying to find what discipline strategy will work best for your stubborn three year old.

So I’m here to give you CHOICES.  Not an answer.

So let The Thankful Spoon help you nourish your soul and realize…

You got this!