Best Dance Workouts on the Web

dance workouts

Dance Workouts

I love to dance as a workout. If you’re like me maybe you’ve found it hard to find workouts that involve dance that you can follow and gives you a good workout. I’ve found some for you to try.

Sensazao Crew

My all time favorite dance workout is Sensazao Crew to work up a sweat, learn new moves, have fun, and listen to great music.

Sometimes you have to watch these a few times to get the choreography but it’s the same moves repeated throughout the song, which works for the uncoordinated me, and they’re fast paced so you’ll burn calories. I always end up adding music to my gym playlist by doing these workouts. There are tons to do and they’re short (couple minutes). I load a bunch of my favorites then close out the tabs as I work through them.

Drop it Low

Cumbia Tribal


Shake It: More challenging

Pump it Up

I love this workout! It’s got fun music, lots of variety, and makes you work up a sweat. I like how she does an exercise long enough to feel the burn but not long enough to wipe you out. She changes it up so you can keep going.

Bipasha Basu’s Dance Workouts

5 dance workouts people rave about on the comments as the most fun they had working out.

Fun, great music, and goes through the steps slowly then faster so you can learn and get your heart rate up. The channel also has yoga, fitness advice videos, meditation for teens, and light weights toning workouts.


This dance workout routine is easy to follow to a Shakira song.

Mr. Helio Faria Latin Dance Workouts

If you like Latin Music you’ll like the fun dance workouts on this channel.  They’re not long, about five minutes, but do them all together and you could have an awesome workout that’s fun! I like this one in particular.

ReFit Rev

I’m not coordinated to follow dance workouts so I like these because they’re easy to follow and dance to some great music. There are lots of dances to try and they’re all pretty short: around 5 minutes. So if you do a bunch in a row you could get a nice workout.

Do you have any of your favorite dance workouts to share?

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