Best Pregnancy Workout Sites

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I wanted to stay active while pregnant but I wanted some help and inspiration along the way.  Here are my favorites websites I visited while pregnant.

Being Informed about Exercise During Pregnancy

Not sure what you can and can’t do? Want to know the benefits of exercise while being pregnant? Be Fit Mom has great articles to answer all your important questions.  This website provides fitness, health, and exercise information during pregnancy so you understand its impact and importance.

Finding Exercises During Pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy

best pregnancy workout websites

I liked this website for exercises. The articles were short, easy to follow, and included pictures.  This is a great website for exercises anyone can do at any fitness level!

There are a lot of workouts to choose from, which I like because I get bored easily.  These are the ones I used most often: Prenatal: Ready, Set, Push and Back Workout.

If you want a good place to start for exercises, this article looks great: 12 Great Pregnancy Exercises.

The website also gives you guidance about being pregnant, parenting, marriage and pregnancy, and nutrition.  If you’re looking for a go-to source for all things baby, this is a good place to start.  I liked the article on staying active with your baby.  Sometimes it’s hard to fit a workout in alone, so why not with the little one?

Getting Motivated and Inspired to Keep At It

Carrots n Cake

best pregnancy workout sites

If you want inspiration to workout and live a healthy lifestyle I highly recommend this blog!    She talks about how to workout safely before and after pregnancy and she’s been featured in magazines and on tv over the years because her content is so relevant!  You can also find healthy eating information.  I would look at her blog posts about the workouts she’d do and be motivated.  Tina runs marathons and works out hard.  Staying fit is a priority in her life.  I might not be able to do the activities at the same intensity but I can still work hard at my own level and pace.  Reading her articles kept me going.  She even talks about how to work in exercise after a baby too, so I find her blog helpful before and after pregnancy.  My favorite article post baby is how to balance exercise and enjoying time with your little one.  It’s called 10 Tips for Balancing Exercise with a New Baby.

I need to plan out my workouts or I find I don’t do them and make other activities a priority.  Plus I find I actually look forward to challenging myself and completing the goal when I plan out my workouts.  Carrots n Cake has some quick workouts to do during naptime.  This might a good place for me to start to get back into the routine of things – no more excuses!

I also was inspired by Fit to be Pregnant and her intense workouts.  She motivated me to work out and stay active, even if I couldn’t do half of what she could.   Her workouts are a bit harder to find now with her website rearranged and a book out, but if you click on this link you’ll get this workout and others to link to at the bottom.

Staying Fit After Pregnancy

After the joyous day when you have your little one, you may be thinking about getting back your figure.  I found having a picture as a goal and a person to emulate really helped motivate me.  Here are some websites to provide you inspiration of moms who regained muscle and look amazing!

The fit moms at Shape Fit  had a goal and stuck to it.  They all approached their fitness in a different way but they all do one important thing that’s the same: build muscle.  I particularly was inspired by this article about how to work out with a baby.  This mom has three kids and looks amazing!  She focused on eating healthy and exercising, but not immediately.  After looking at these articles I felt motivated.  Just because I was having a baby didn’t mean I was going to look a certain way forever like so many people said.  I could still have a fit figure if I wanted, but I needed to work hard.  It was just going to happen.

post baby workouts

This is where Jamie Eason comes in.  She balances time with your little one with your own time and schedule.  This was my go to exercise regime post pregnancy.  She provides you with routines, pictures of each exercise, a nutrition guide, and lots of practical and realistic advice.  All for free too!  If I could pick my all time favorite website to get exercise workouts after having a baby, this is it.

May you find ways to stay active that fit your lifestyle as you celebrate your growing family.


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  1. Dana says: Reply

    Love this post!
    Staying active during pregnancy (especially if its your first) isn’t easy and has you doubting.
    You listed great resources (some of them I used myself when researching the needs for the Maternity Activewear brand we built ).
    This helps to spread much needed knowledge and inspiration. ❤

    1. naturelover17 says: Reply

      Dear Dana,

      That’s so great you created a line of maternity wear for actively fit ladies. I’m glad you liked the resources. If you have any more you’d recommend based on your own fitness experience, would love to know too (always looking for something new and interesting). All the best in your business venture, Katie

      1. Dana says: Reply

        Thanks, Katie. ❤

  2. This pregnancy workout sites are actually the best. This article would be a huge help. Thanks for sharing this one out.

    1. naturelover17 says: Reply

      Thank you.

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