Best Websites for Workout Videos

Looking for websites to help you on your workout journey?

Workout Websites to Workout at Home

Sometimes getting to the gym is tough, or just too expensive. Here are some websites to try so you can work out at home and still feel the burn.

When I first looked up workout videos online I’d find they were either too easy or clips of a longer video.

I like the moves of this workout, the idea of involving dancing, and that she shows you how to do the moves slowly, but I couldn’t get my heart rate up enough. It just moved too slowly.

This looks great but it only shows three minutes of a 22 min. workout.

Then I found my favorite website: Fitness Blender.

Best for Building Muscle and Transforming your Body Shape

This couple created a studio in their garage and create safe and effective workout videos for free.

This is by far the best workout video site I’ve found.

The workouts range from beginner to advanced. I’m never bored and have a ton of favorite videos I like to do, whic I always find motiviating.  I love that you can search on their website for workouts by muscle area, time, equipment type, or fitness style.  The couple does videos together and individually.  I usually find I’m not at the fitness level to do David’s videos yet so I usually stick to Kelly’s; however, I like seeing them do modifications in their videos so any fitness level can participate.

No matter your fitness level or workout goals this site can help you get there.  This is the go to fitness video place.

Here are two workouts I like to do.

There are a lot of HIIT routines on fitness blender which really push you to work hard.  I like that the workout is quick and has a lot of different exercises.

Fitness Blender has a lot of routines using weights, which is one of the most effective way to lose weight and prevent injury: build muscle.  I like this one a lot.

This workout always kicks my butt. It’s a 45 min. tabata workout where you do an exercise for 20 seconds 8 times.  When I think of a workout that really challenges me this is the one I think of.

They also workouts that are low impact or for a couple to do together.  Looking for yoga? They have it here too.

All Around Fitness Lifestyle

Popsugar Fitness provides full length workout including dance, cardio, and full body. Workouts range from 10-40 min. These are great if you’re just getting into fitness or you want to work on toning. Most exercises just use your body weight but some use light weights, which I’m sure you could increase for more challenge. It also has healthy food videos too like lemon protein bars and strawberry quinoa salad.

They also have a website with fun and interesting articles trampoline workout and avocado for breakfast ideas. Their pinterest has workouts by category too and a lot of cool content like healthy gifts, yoga workouts, fitness technology etc.

This is a fun dancing workout.

Want to work on toning?  Here’s a cool workout.  I like the tricep extensions on one leg at 7:20 and the windmill arms with the plank at 14:20.  Never seen either of those exercises.

This is short with a fun timer to motivate you. Can’t beat 8 minutes!

Beginning Workouts

If you’re someone who’s just starting working out these might be a good place to start. This channel has work out tips, yoga, short workouts, recipe ideas, and workouts from people like Jillian Micahels and Denise Austin.

Videos like this are low impact and easy to follow. There are a lot of workouts you can do too so you won’t be bored.

If you can get over the dated look of the videos you’ll find it has a lot of good exercises on this channel. They’re easy to follow and range from beginner to intermediate. Personally I like the bikini body workout because it works the abs with exercises I don’t usually see that’ll challenge me but I still feel I can be successful at.

Do you have any videos you’ve tried and liked?

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