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  • Winter Warm Up: 5 Soups to Savor and Stay Cozy

    Nothing says comforting like wrapping your hands around a warm cup or bowl of soup. I love Panera’s broccoli cheese in a bread bowl, especially because I can eat the bowl, but I love making soups even more. They’re a great thing to serve guests too.  I recently served an autumn harvest stew with cheddar […]

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  • Make Dinner Easy with Freezer and Bulk Cooking

    Ever stuck on a weeknight not knowing what to have for dinner or lacking the time to make dinner and take out sounds more and more appealing?   I love freezer, crockpot, and bulk cooking for this reason!   It’s easy to do and takes a much or as little time as you want.  I can simply […]

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  • No More Boring Oatmeal! My favorite oatmeal recipes


    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough There’s one cookie that I can’t refuse: chocolate chip.  Now you can have the tempting dessert in the morning for breakfast.  Score! Ingredients 1 ½ cups water ½ cup old fashioned oats 1 tbs. brown sugar 1 tbs. milk chocolate chips ½ tbs. unsalted butter     Instructions Pour the water […]