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  • 5 Easy and Family Friendly Ways to Celebrate New Year’s at Home

    family friendly new year's eve

    It’s almost New Year’s.  Wondering what to do?  Do you really have to do anything?  Nope. Maybe you’re like me – not big into New Year’s parties or imbibing, but up for some low key fun.  If you find yourself wanting to do something different here are some ideas of family friendly activities to do […]

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  • Making the Holidays More Meaningful

    I was fine, content with what I had, but then I created my wish list for my family and felt a nagging feeling of greed grip me. Now suddenly I was thinking that would be nice…and oh that would be great. Ideas of things to add to my life tumbled into my mind. Wait. I […]

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  • What to Do When Someone Offends or Snaps at You

    ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt you ‘  I never found this saying to be true.  However, there are things you can do when people say hurtful things, whether they mean to or not. Communicate Your Feelings I think one of the most important things to do when someone […]

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  • What to do Instead of Watching TV

    I’ve searched the internet too, and read just about every article out there on the topic.  I live in a small town, so a lot of the activities don’t apply because we don’t have that around here.  So what is one to do?  You can check out my posts about what to do when you’re […]

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  • What to do when kids are bored…

    what to do when kids are bored

    Summer’s almost over and your kids might be going a bit stir crazy. I hate being bored and as an only child I often had to find my own source of entertainment which was usually computer games or reading in the winter and biking or walking in the woods in the summer.  So I can […]

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  • You’re Working Out Wrong: 4 Articles You Should Read

    working out

    You work hard to reach your fitness goal but what if you’re unintentionally sabotaging your efforts?  These articles will make sure you’re on the right track and working out efficiently. Cardio vs Weights This is a short and to the point article.  Want to know how each activity impacts your results?  The answer may surprise […]

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  • Best websites specifically for baby play

    activities for babies

    Now my favorite blogs for kids play also happen to be for baby play.  These sites put together a plethora of activities by category with pictures and descriptions.  So now you have links to activities specifically for babies. Lemon Lime Adventures Kids Activities Blog The Imagination Tree Fun at Home with the Kids These are […]

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  • Best Websites for Workout Videos

    Looking for websites to help you on your workout journey? Workout Websites to Workout at Home Sometimes getting to the gym is tough, or just too expensive. Here are some websites to try so you can work out at home and still feel the burn. When I first looked up workout videos online I’d find […]

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  • Best Dance Workouts on the Web

    dance workouts

    Dance Workouts I love to dance as a workout. If you’re like me maybe you’ve found it hard to find workouts that involve dance that you can follow and gives you a good workout. I’ve found some for you to try. Sensazao Crew My all time favorite dance workout is Sensazao Crew to work up […]

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  • 4 Hidden Costs to Consider before Moving to a Location You May Not have Thought of


    There are hidden costs to moving you may not have thought of.  Not budgeting for these costs can really impact the amount of house you can afford. Taxes I was so fixated on what living in a particular was like I didn’t even think about the hidden costs that would make it hard to live […]