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  • The Secret to Feeling Full: Connecting with Others

    We know each of us is unique but how does this help us feel whole? The secret is in sharing who you are with others. What if you don’t know who you are yet?  That’s okay.  Connect with others on your journey of self-exploration.  This can be in the form of sharing your talents, thoughts, […]

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  • 3 Movies about Finding Yourself and your Purpose

    inspirational movies

    On Netflix: The Cobbler – a fun Adam Sandler movie about being in other people’s shoes, literally.  I love this movie! Chef– a fun story of a chef who travels in a food cart with his son and friend and learns about what’s really valuable to him: true passion and family.  Won the Tribeca Film […]

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  • 4 Ways to Cope with Lunchtime Negativity

    You  need a break from the daily grind but find yourself stressed even on your lunch break.  The culprit?  Lunchtime negativity. Here are some tips I’ve tried. Eating Lunch Elsewhere One year I ate lunch in another room.  Even though I was by myself, I still had a good lunch break because I read Guideposts and […]

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  • 3 Things to do When a Friend Loses a Loved One

    what to say when someone loses a loved one

    For the longest time I didn’t know what to say when a friend lost a loved one.  It’s not a usual topic of conversation to ask advice on either.  Recently a family friend passed away and I thought about how in the past I had no idea what to say.  So I thought I’d write […]

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  • 10  Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

    how to motivate yourself

    Encourage. Encourage.  That’s the secret.  Trainers are great because they push you when you no longer want to continue. “One more.  You can do it,” they say while your legs are shaking and burning.  So since we all can’t afford our own trainers to encourage and push us we need to be our own personal […]

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  • Trusting in the midst of the Unknown

    If you let go of the safety bar and put your hands in the air on a roller coaster some would say it’s a freeing experience, full of adrenaline. Why?  You’re letting go, literally.  You’re letting go of fear and entrusting your life and safety to something you cannot control.  You’re trusting in the midst of […]

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  • I feel guilty. I have too much…

    I feel Guilty.  I have too much… Paper.  I have too many books.  That’s what I would say if I were to finish the sentence.  I go through my paper, organized in folders, notebooks, and binders, at least once a year, and I do the same for my book collection.  Some years I’m ready to […]

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  • How to handle disappointment

    How to handle disappointment I was recently disappointed by plans that fell through. What made it worse for me was that when I called the plans we had made weren’t even brought up, just that the person was doing something else for the day. So now I was disappointed and stuck. My husband and I […]

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  • 3 Small Ways to Make a Difference

    3 Small Ways to make a Difference Start small: As a kid and young adult I wanted to change the world.  I looked for opportunities to change the world in my small town, not a lot of luck.  I got discouraged.  If I moved I’d have more opportunities to change the world, or at least […]

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  • When I Can’t See Myself the Way God Does…

    It’s likely we’ve all had those moments when we look in the mirror and don’t like what we see, when we look at our lives and feel discouraged, when we wonder what our purpose and value is, which the Jason Gray video “Remind me Who I am” illustrated so poignantly.    What do we do […]