What to do Instead of Watching TV

I’ve searched the internet too, and read just about every article out there on the topic.  I live in a small town, so a lot of the activities don’t apply because we don’t have that around here.  So what is one to do?  You can check out my posts about what to do when you’re bored or how to beat the winter blahs, but I watch tv even when I’m not bored…

I can be a binge watcher; I can sit and consume tv like candy, but there reached a point in my life that I decided it felt empty to me.  Someone would ask me what I did and I couldn’t remember.  If it was a good use of my time, wouldn’t I remember?

Get to the Root of Why You Watch TV

I think we need to understand why we watch tv before we can unplug ourselves.

Do we watch to escape the world and our lives?

Do we watch to relax and be entertained?

Do we watch because there’s nothing else to do?

Do we watch to be informed?

Fill the Void

For me it was all of the above, depending on the day.   I enjoyed connecting with the storyline and characters in tv shows, predicting plot outcomes with my husband; getting renovation ideas on HGTV; and learning nature facts on the History Channel’s Alone.  Sometimes I just wanted to be entertained and watched So You Think You Can Dance.

When I spent more time out of the house, took up the hobby of blogging, and started reading again, I found I didn’t feel the desire to watch tv anymore.  I tried to figure out why and realized that the new activities I was doing fulfilled the reasons I watched tv in the first place.  Tv became something special to do and not an everyday thing, and I was okay with that balance.

So what do you do instead of watching tv?

It may sound simple, but what worked for me was to find another activity you enjoy that fulfills the reason you watch tv.  Fill your time with another activity that is productive and purposeful, which will be different for each person.

Escapism? Read a good book.

Better yet write your own or read someone else’s online.  I love how you can add pictures or just read a short story.

Want to relax and be entertained? Try these tips.  I think I’ll try #3 sometime.

Want to Learn something new?  This is a list of awesome sites to learn something new, definitely something I want to dig deeper into.

All the best of your journey to less tv.

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