He Just Plays with Trucks: Encouraging Variety in Your Toddler’s Play

My two year old son plays with trucks every day.  He loves it.

They go bye bye to eat dinner or have a snack together. They line up. They go ‘down the road’ (pillow or side of arm chair).  He’s getting creative with them.

I’d ask if he wanted to play piano, music, blocks, read. Nope.  Just trucks.  Even if he wanted to play something different all my ideas he didn’t want to do.

Enter the toddler visual handout I created.  I like it for a variety of reasons:

Provides visual cues for things to do.

He’s been enjoying looking at the pictures and asking me to read what they are.  Lately when I’ve been using it he still points to the trucks…but today he wanted to cook with me too.  He pointed to the cooking picture and said cooking.

Provides me with ideas when I get stuck on what we can do.

Oh yeah – bowling.  We haven’t do that in a while.  I need a visual check list of ideas too or else I’ll just end up playing the same activities with him too.

Provides text for children to start associating pictures and words

Today I spelled out trucks when he pointed to them.   If you’re child is just learning words, this would work well for them too.

Can be used as something to look forward to and preparing children

You could use the visuals as a list of things to do or to help your child understand what you’re going to be doing next: Go outside, playground, color, cook, visit grammy etc.

I’ve attached below PDF versions for you.

PDF:Toddler Visual Choice Activity Handout (2) Copy of Toddler Visual Choice Activity Handout OUTDOOR SPECIAL

I hope you find this helpful.


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