My Parenting Secret to a Stress-Free Morning

In the morning I wish I was an octopus.

Having lots of hands could help me manage making breakfast for two kiddos, doing the dishes, eating breakfast, and making lunches so much easier.

Quick Tips to Save Time

I don’t think I’m growing extra arms anytime soon. So I get up early and do lunches before they get up when I can.  If I can prepare them the night before, I do.

I’m making more crockpot meals too which saves on dishes.

It’s the little things that save you time here in there that matter when your toddler has a fit and refuses to put on his pull-up, his pants, and later – his shoes.  I can be ontime or early the whole morning and a meltdown can make the clock race.

So here’s one secret I found saves time in the morning and let’s your brain wake up = saving you decisions too.

Put Your Kids’ Clothes Away by Outfit

I used to put the kids clothes away by type: short sleeve onesies, long sleeve onesies, pants, dress shirts, etc.

Now I discovered it’s so much easier to not have to think about what to put on my kids – just grab and go.

I do this for myself, putting out my outfit the night before, why I didn’t think of this for my kids – I don’t know.

I sort my children’s clothes into outfits and put them in the drawer.  This means every day I just pull out an outfit and I’m done.

You could also leave it out the night before, but I don’t want to have to have an extra step in my nightly routine every day.  I want to do it once for the week and be done with it.

I also like that by doing this you can arrange the clothes and outfits differently each week.

I think I might try this strategy for myself too.

I bet folding them differently would make it look even better – and maybe having fewer outfits in the drawer too – if a cluttered look bugs you.

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