Why People Can’t Resist Christmas Hallmark Movies

Maybe you’re like me and proudly claim your love of sappy, predictable Hallmark Christmas movies.  Or maybe you’re like other people who secretly watch them, but never tell a soul.  Or maybe you just can’t stand them.

Regardless, there’s a pull to these movies I always wondered about.  Why are they so popular? Even when we know exactly what’s going to happen? even when they have similar plot structures: girl goes back to hometown, gets betrayed, falls in love with local crush; person with no Christmas spirit meet someone who shows them Christmas spirit and falls in love, etc.; lonely person puts up appearances and says they’re with someone and ends up falling in love with them.

Maybe it’s because there’s something behind these movies that we can’t resist.

1. Brings us back to a simpler time

Most of these movies are set in small country towns with not much to do.  Everyone knows your name.  The local tree lighting, town dance, or restaurant is the place to be.  No character ever sits and watches tv, contemplating life or zoning out.  They’re out stargazing, making snow angels, sleigh riding, crafting, or shopping for people in need.

Christmas Hallmark movies remind us that it’s the simple activities you do with someone you love, or for someone you love, that matter and are most memorable.  I often forget what I watched on tv last night, but I’ll forever remember bringing my son to the aquatic center and seeing him laugh and splash around.

Holidays and life in general can be stressful and busy.  We have so much to think about and do.  These movies remind us to slow down and appreciate the little things in our lives and around us.

2. They’re full of hope and magic

Everything works out in the end and everyone lives happily ever after.  These are movies where the main character escapes only to get captured in the end for a shocking twist.  Movies with depressing endings like this still haunt me.  When I watch too many movies and shows in state of perpetual conflict and loss of hope, I begin to feel a loss of hope in the world myself.

Hallmark Christmas movies remind us that there’s good in the world.  That people want to help and do the right thing and that together we can make the world a better place and find our own happiness.  When we watch movies like this it’s comforting.  It starts our positive thinking gears turning: if s/he can find contentment and purpose, why can’t I?

3. They’re an Escape from Reality

For some of us our lives will never look like the Hallmark movies and that’s okay.  Maybe our Christmas are more like Four Christmas, Home Alone, or Bad Santa.  

Watching Christmas Hallmark movies can provide a cozy escape from the chaos of the world and provide a little treat during the holiday season to make us feel warm and fuzzy.

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