Pregnancy Safe Workouts

workouts while pregnant

I remember going to one of my first prenatal appointments and expressing my worry that if I jumped around during exercise it would jostle the baby too much.  Was there anything I shouldn’t be doing? She laughed and said to do whatever I wanted.  I was taken back by her flippant response. Really? Anything?  Turns out – just about!  Exercise is great for you and the baby.  As long as you’re aware of your balance, that your muscles stretch more so to be careful not to over do it, and make sure you’re within your own limits.  This article talks about the myths of exercising while pregnant, and this one talks about exercising benefits and for whom exercise during pregnancy is not okay for, both great articles to read.

So after the first trimester lying on your back can put pressure on vena cava and restrict blood flow to baby. So here are some workouts that don’t involve lying on your back from one of my favorite workout websites.

From My Favorite Workout Website: Fitness Blender

HIIT Bodyweight Workout Fast No Excuse at Home Cardio Workout – Quick 7 minute workout you can do anywhere.  2 rounds of the same exercises.

5 minutes to Slim HIIT Cardio Workout – A quick workout that would kick my butt – includes squat jumps and burpees.

Cardio Infused Standing Abs – a quick and easy 10 minute workout to engage your abs. 

Ab Butt and Thighs Workout – 17 minute workout with a variety of exercises so you don’t get bored. There’s one set of exercises on your back that you skip.

Cardio Abs and Obliques Workout – Adios Love Handles Bye Bye Belly Fat – a quick 10 minute workout.  This workout alternates core exercises with cardio.

17 Minute at Home Cardio High Intensity Interval Training Workout – It may be quick but it certainly builds up a sweat.  The burpees kick my butt every time!

Calorie Blasting Cardio Boot Camp – an easy 20 minute standing cardio workout.

From Purely Twins, a site devoted to eating clean and living an active lifestyle.

I like this site for their inspiring food that’s healthy and their workouts, for both during and after pregnancy.  Here’s the page with all their pregnancy workouts. They’re candid about their struggles with health and fitness which many appreciate.   If you need to watch your gluten, this is a good site to try.  Check out their recipes here.  They also have a YouTube channel is you like workout videos instead.

Then of course if you just want to dance to burn some calories like I do, check out these dance videos by Sensazao Crew on YouTube and have fun! I love the music they select to do a routine too and I definitely burn calories with their pace.


-May you find the workouts that work for you!


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