Recognizing Temptations and Finding Support

There are two sides of me: one can be productive, but the other can be unmotivated.  It started out productive.  I got school work done. I finished a book I thoroughly enjoyed and uplifted me, and even watched a movie I know Timothy, my husband, would not be up for watching.  Halfway through the day the lack of motivation hit me.  Temptation can spring up anywhere, at any time.  The day was going so well.  I still had to work out and get the mail and I had no ambition to do either.  I felt sad and pitied myself for being lazy. I recognized the temptation in me and became determined to overcome it by doing both, and in the end I did.  I thought of the good feeling that comes from accomplishing your goals and this was motivation enough to push through the temptation to exert as little energy as possible.

So even though I overcame the temptation alone on this day, I had model in my life that already showed me the way.  It made me think God bringing me Timothy saved me from myself.  Timothy is far from slothful and unmotivated.  He’s disciplined.  I realized that maybe having extended time to myself meant I more apt to be tempted to be lazy, a weakness of mine.  I saw how Timothy had reinforced the good productive and focused traits I already had in me.  Thus, my weakness was overcome by a strength.

Sometimes God brings people into your life to build you up.  Sometimes it is a humbling experience as well to acknowledge your own flaws, but with God’s love and the support of those around you, you can rise above it.

5 hands support


May God help you conquer your sins and may you be blessed with people to help you on your journey.



Questions to Ponder:

  1. Are there places in my life I need to be built up or humbled?
  2. What are temptations I have?
  3. Where do these temptations stem from and are there ways I can avoid them?
  4. Are there people or events God has placed in my life that help me overcome these temptations?
  5. Are there people in my life that model how to live without these temptations?  Can I model their behavior and recreate their habits in my own life?

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