Secret Santa Gift Ideas

I was at the work holiday party when someone talked about what to get their secret santa.  I gave a few ideas and they thanked me twice, feeling so relieved.  I thought…hey maybe someone else would find the ideas helpful.









Cocktail napkins. There are all sorts of fun and festive cocktail napkins out there that could even be the talk of the party.







Unique mug. I still remember my husband’s mug that was all misshapen and said this is what happens if I don’t drink my coffee.  It made me laugh.  I have two special mugs that are larger than the rest and have inspirational sayings.  They’re my favorite because they’re unique from my normal mug sets.







Inspirational, funny or cute Magnet. Everyone needs a little pick me up.  How about one for every time they go to the fridge.







Notepad. I use my magnetic fridge notepad all the time and I love cute ones too.  I bought one that said oh what a friend we have in cheese with a picture of a woman serving cheese.  It made me laugh.  I love cheese.







Chocolate. I love Lindt chocolate.  So any kind of specialty chocolate would be a hit with me so I’m sure most people would agree.









Scenic photo matted in a frame.  I love looking at my scenic photos from my travels and they make me feel at ease when I’m working or writing.







Inspirational/funny sayings book. I still look at the books my friends got me with inspirational sayings.  I bet people would like funny ones too.










Local baked good/fudge boxed or wrapped. Fudge or speciality cookies. Yum.  I can’t make these – ever.  So having them as a gift would be quite a treat.  I’d want to know where the secret santa got them so I could get more maybe in the future.







Decorative Element/Ornament or local craft fair item. My favorite ornaments are still the hand painted ones and I’m so happy to open them each year.







Scratch Tickets.  This was the rage at our holiday work party.








Lotions/candles neutral light scents are the best way to go.

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