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  • 5 Workout Videos to do with Your Kids

    Sports. Running around outside.  These are all great forms of exercise, but what if you want to do it with you kiddo?  What if you’re stuck inside on rainy or winter morning.  These videos come to the rescue. Release some energy in a fun way. Animal Exercise.  Do the alligator or the crab.  Quick and […]

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  • Pregnancy Safe Workouts

    workouts while pregnant

    I remember going to one of my first prenatal appointments and expressing my worry that if I jumped around during exercise it would jostle the baby too much.  Was there anything I shouldn’t be doing? She laughed and said to do whatever I wanted.  I was taken back by her flippant response. Really? Anything?  Turns out […]

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  • Best Pregnancy Workout Sites

    fitness pregnant websites

    I wanted to stay active while pregnant but I wanted some help and inspiration along the way.  Here are my favorites websites I visited while pregnant. Being Informed about Exercise During Pregnancy Not sure what you can and can’t do? Want to know the benefits of exercise while being pregnant? Be Fit Mom has great […]

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  • You’re Working Out Wrong: 4 Articles You Should Read

    working out

    You work hard to reach your fitness goal but what if you’re unintentionally sabotaging your efforts?  These articles will make sure you’re on the right track and working out efficiently. Cardio vs Weights This is a short and to the point article.  Want to know how each activity impacts your results?  The answer may surprise […]

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  • Best Websites for Workout Videos

    Looking for websites to help you on your workout journey? Workout Websites to Workout at Home Sometimes getting to the gym is tough, or just too expensive. Here are some websites to try so you can work out at home and still feel the burn. When I first looked up workout videos online I’d find […]

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  • Best Dance Workouts on the Web

    dance workouts

    Dance Workouts I love to dance as a workout. If you’re like me maybe you’ve found it hard to find workouts that involve dance that you can follow and gives you a good workout. I’ve found some for you to try. Sensazao Crew My all time favorite dance workout is Sensazao Crew to work up […]