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  • Conversation Tips to Talk to Your Teen About Tackling Homework

    Your teen struggles to get homework done.  Maybe it’s a battle.  Maybe it’s a tear fest.  Maybe it’s unproductive.  However it manifests itself in your home, I’m sure it’s frustrating. You want to help them.  You want them to develop good strategies and habits. Maybe you’ve read my posts on 6 Solutions to Homework Completion […]

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  • How to Make Small Talk

    what to talk about at holiday meals

    The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to spend time with people we may see only once a year.  What do you say?   Here are some topics of conversation you might find helpful whether you barely see the person, don’t know them, or you see them all the time and nothing new has […]

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  • How to Make Friends if You’re New

    how to make new friends

    I felt like I was in one of those high school movies.  You sit in one spot in no one sits with you.  You sit in another and the people at the table don’t talk to you.  I was trying to get to know more people at a social gathering.  It wasn’t working.   It […]