What Venting and Negative Thinking Steals Away from You

A while back I had to attend a presentation that I wasn’t particularly excited to go to.  It was something I was required to go to, but had no say in the content.  It wasn’t on a topic that thrilled me either.  Thoughts of how the time at the presentation could be better spent and other topics that would’ve been more helpful floated through my mind.  I talked to a friend who echoed my sentiments and I suddenly went from feeling neutral about the experience to actually not looking forward to it.

Then I stopped and thought for a second.

Wouldn’t I be in a happier frame for the presentation if I went with an open mind about what I learned?  Wouldn’t I have a better time if I thought about how could enjoy spending time with colleagues I rarely see?

I got sucked into the negative vortex, found companionship in the communal griping of others, and realized that I felt worse – – not better.  Venting and negative thinking took away my peace.  It took away a potentially positive experience.

Complaining and venting are a normal part of life for many of us, but I have realized that for me, it puts me in a frame of mind that makes me enjoy the experiences I partake in less, have a less open mind, and adds needless stress and worry for something that might not even happen.

If you complain about something you can’t change, you’re just stewing in your own misery.  Voice your concerns when necessary and vent to hear another perspective in order to have a productive experience with negative feelings, otherwise this negativity will gnaw away at your heart and leave a pulpy mess of bitterness.

Stay positive.  Stay happy.

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