When an Interest Takes Over and Causes Stress…

links screenshotI get inspired by looking at food recipes, images, and meal descriptions.  I can easily spend hours adding to my favorites recipes I want to try.  Yet this isn’t efficient nor does it help me when I don’t know what to have for dinner.  I think it will but it just overwhelms me because I end up with three recipes of the same thing because I want the best one and I’m afraid of wasting ingredients and making a bad meal, whereas my husband will pick one recipe and tweak it to his desire.  I liked that.  It saved time and emotional energy.  He stopped at the first recipe while I kept looking for the more and comparing to create the perfect recipe.  It still would fall short of my expectations, but his never would.  What does this mean?

I think it means that I’m trying to be a perfect cook and I never will be.  I’m afraid of making mistakes, even though I understand that mistakes help me refine my skills and improve.  This is certainly not a healthy attitude.

I spent a lot of time pairing down my links because they overwhelmed me.  If I hadn’t made it two years after I marked it as a favorite would I ever?  This is the same issue people have with other worldly things. I realized I had become attached to recipes.  This was a problem.  No I don’t have a lot of stuff piled in the back closet, but I have a lot of links and this was cluttering my life and causing me stress.  I had so many even when it was organized I found it difficult to find one and to choose one to try. The same thing happened when I went through all my cookbooks for recipes to try.  I got overwhelmed.  So instead each week I went through and picked one to two new recipes to try based on my whim of the week.  This has worked much better.

recipe boxI’m still quite attached to my links but I’m learning that after trying a few recipes and having them be successful I can delete blogs I’ve never used, appealing as they might be.  Even ideas can cloud your mind and your heart.  My interest took away valuable time I could’ve spent reading spiritual material, spending time with a loved one, or doing a productive task around the house.  Food is wonderful and creative recipes are gems, but we need to guard our hearts when interests turn into stressors.  It doesn’t mean eliminate the interest, just eliminate the reason for the stress.  Maybe you’re doing too much.  I have begun the purging process and will continue to seek worthy recipes to try, and not expect perfection.

Food is a gift from God and I should appreciate it more, not obsess over it.  I will cook with a more aware and grateful heart.

May you recognize when an interest has turned into a cause of stress in your own life and take steps to remove the cause of stress so you can enjoy the interest again.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Is there an interest in my own life that causes me stress?
  2. What is the cause of this stress? Too much time devoted to the activity, financial concerns, family disagreement, not enough information to pursue the interest further, etc.
  3. Is there a way I can rectify this issue to satisfy all parties involved?

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