You’re Working Out Wrong: 4 Articles You Should Read

working out

workout videosYou work hard to reach your fitness goal but what if you’re unintentionally sabotaging your efforts?  These articles will make sure you’re on the right track and working out efficiently.

Cardio vs Weights

This is a short and to the point article.  Want to know how each activity impacts your results?  The answer may surprise you.

Best Training Type for Your Scheduleexercise

I was blown away by this article because it showed me so many misconceptions I had about
working out.  It’s a bit long but filled with information on how to reach your fitness goals using research.  For example a study followed people who just did aerobics and another who just did weight training.  Those who did weight training lost more fat without losing muscle mass and improved their metabolism.  The aerobic group just lost weight.  It also goes over different terms like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Metabolic Resistance Training so you understand what the type of exercise does.  My favorite part of the article says what you should focus on depending on the amount of time you have per week.  The winner was weights.

Workout Mistakes

This article focuses on small things you might not realize are getting in the way of your goals like having the proper form.

I never understood why it was important to swing those arms or vary my exercises.  This article explains why.

What have you learned in your exercise journey about obstacles that get in the way of your exercise goals?

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