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  • Tips from the Best Baker I Know: Fluffy Cakes and Fabulous Frostings

    I’m the frosting fails, sinking muffins, and dry, dense cakes type baker.  So I wanted to know how to be a better baker.  Jennifer Arney, owner of Cardigan Cakes in Canaan,  filled me in on the secret to great baking.  I’ve sprinkled in photos of her cakes and cupcakes for your ooohhing and aaahhing pleasure. […]

  • Inspiration & Encouragement
  • Stop Feeling Guilty: The One Question to Ask Yourself

    Be your own friend. When guilt creeps up on you, ask yourself: What would I tell a friend? Get Rid of Guilt About Me Time I went for a walk after work and felt guilty. I felt guilty for doing something for myself.