• Health & Fitness
  • Best Websites for Workout Routines

    You want to workout at home but don’t know where to start. If you’re like me you’ll stand there for 10 minutes just trying to find a good workout and then you’ve lost the motivation to do it or the time in my case. I don’t have a lot of time to work out during […]

  • Personal Growth
  • Take the 5 Day Challenge to Boost your Happiness

    What’s the secret to happiness?  What provides meaning to life? You ask people alone all day and they’ll say company.  You ask teens struggling with depression and school and they’ll talk about their peers, belonging, being able to be themselves around others.  You ask parents and they’ll say their child’s laugh or smile. You ask […]

  • Health & Fitness
  • How to Choose the Right Massage for You and Leave Feeling Happy

    I have had wonderful and painful massages.  I was wary of them until I find out how to find the right massage therapist for you and your needs. I asked Joan Townsend, a licensed massage therapist, for advice on how to choose the right massage so that I can avoid another uncomfortable experience.  I learned a lot […]

  • Cooking & Entertaining
  • Tips from the Best Baker I Know: Fluffy Cakes and Fabulous Frostings

    I’m the frosting fails, sinking muffins, and dry, dense cakes type baker.  So I wanted to know how to be a better baker.  Jennifer Arney, owner of Cardigan Cakes in Canaan,  filled me in on the secret to great baking.  I’ve sprinkled in photos of her cakes and cupcakes for your ooohhing and aaahhing pleasure. […]

  • Relationships
  • Create Long Lasting and Meaningful Long Distance Relationships with These Tips

    Many of us have been flung into long distance friendships and relationships with Covid.  How do we keep emotionally connected during times like these and beyond? As someone who has been in a long distance relationship for 2+ years with someone from England, and whose closest friends live 8 hours away from college, it can […]

  • Relationships
  • Responding to Other People’s Negative Emotions: Sometimes You’re Just Tree #4

    Sometimes you’re just tree #4 in someone else’s life.  This anecdote from Bob Goff’s Everybody, Always, really struck me. I’m not the hero or the villain, I may just be tree #4, part of the scenery in someone else’s life.  At the grocery store I asked the woman bagging if she could use paper bags […]

  • Being a Mom
  • Discover Your Family Identity: What do You Value and How Can You Live Your Values Even More?

    The secret to a happy life is living as close to your own values as you can.  I wonder if this is also the secret to a happy family. We all value different things.  We all parent differently.  We use our individual awesome identities to create a just as awesome family identity.  I didn’t realize […]

  • Personal Growth
  • Stop Feeling Guilty: The One Question to Ask Yourself

    Be your own friend. When guilt creeps up on you, ask yourself: What would I tell a friend? Get Rid of Guilt About Me Time I went for a walk after work and felt guilty. I felt guilty for doing something for myself.