5 Easy and Family Friendly Ways to Celebrate New Year’s at Home

family friendly new year's eve

It’s almost New Year’s.  Wondering what to do?  Do you really have to do anything?  Nope.

Maybe you’re like me – not big into New Year’s parties or imbibing, but up for some low key fun.  If you find yourself wanting to do something different here are some ideas of family friendly activities to do at home.

Have Some Friends Over and Host a Party!

If you’re looking for ways to decorate for a party, this link has lots of ideas.

I particularly like this article that has lots of kid friendly activities: cookies and milk in fancy glasses, games like New Year’s Eve bingo or 20 Questions.  I also read to have a photo booth with props to commemorate the fun time together and bubble wrap popping to celebrate the New Year!

Drink Some Punch! 

I never drink juice or soda, so having some punch would be a fun treat for me.  Maybe I’ll make some this year.

Grandmother’s Punch – orange and pineapple juice with strawberries and sherbert yum!

Strawberry jell-o pineapple juice lemons and oranges – yum.

Orange juice ginger ale and cherries – great flavor combination.

Eggnog and coffee – bet you could also have it with hot chocolate!

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and candy canes – in a crockpot!

Cranberry juice and ginger ale – a festive combination

Non-alcoholic pina coladas – mmm. My favorite!

Make some Finger Foods!

I never eat or make finger foods.  So having them on New Year’s might be my new tradition – even if I don’t have anyone over.  Skip dinner, I want mini burgers and fries, something in a wonton, those sweet mini meatballs you cook in a crockpot, and hm…oh something in a muffin cup sounds good too!  I want to try the pesto pillows and kicking chicken bites from this site.

In this article I like the mac and cheese cups, pizza bites, butternut squash and kale cups, and mini apple pies.

Play some games!

Here are some group games to try.

You can also print out this one as a reflection of the year.

I always wanted to try minute to win it.  You can do alone and beat your own record, as a couple or group. Here’s are two links of how couples with little ones had fun competing against each other. Link 1, link 2.

A lot of these can be played with things you have on hand like apple stack, cookie monster, cotton ball nose or scoop, listen carefully, noodle pick up, or shoe kick.

This website researched the best minute to win it games and provided you the links to the demonstrations.  There are so many minute to win it games, this is a really helpful list to have!

Still stuck? Try some of these ideas. I like the idea of looking at old photos.

May you find the next fun New Year’s Tradition for you and those you care about.

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    • Katie at The Thankful Spoon says:

      I really like your article. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s so in depth. I like the videos you include, the material list, and your fun commentary. Your article will make it easier for people to choose the best games for them to try. I hope the ideas I posted work well for the field day. Let us know how it went. All the best.

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