5 Things We can Learn about Love from Our Pets

Even the simplest of things can be the best teacher, like our pets.

  1. Love expecting little in return.   Cats provide love with simple expectations in return – food, cleaning, and good care of their health.  Those around us simply want to be treated with respect, compassion, and understanding.
  2. Forgive even when we’re hurt. Accidently step on your cat’s tail when they race in front of you, that’s ok they’ll come right back to you.  Yell at them for their stupidly making friends or enemies with a skunk, that’s okay they’ll still love you.  Animals love unconditionally and so should we, even when our loved ones hurt our feelings or cause us pain.  
  3. Show your love.  My cat comes and sits on my lap, kneads my legs, arms, or stomach to show he loves me.  He sits next to or on top of me; his body has to touch mine.  He of course purrs incredibly loud as well.  So I’m not saying sit on your loved one, but hugs are good. And lastly, say nice things in private and in company so all can hear. 
  4. Let them know they’re the priority. My cat’s face pops in the window when we’re pulling in the driveway then disappears.  He welcomes us by rushing to the door.  Our other cat will make sure to rub up against you as soon as you get home and look up at you adoringly.    Now you don’t have to be a bit obsessive and watch for your loved one to come home or rub up against them, instead show them they’re the priority by dropping what you’re doing to give them your full attention.  Ask them about their day in an enthusiastic or at least sincere tone of voice and respond in a positive or understanding way. Being present is really important to show you care. I find it disheartening when someone’s on the phone or distracted when we’re trying to talk…
  5. Spend time with your loved ones.  If my husband and I are on the couch, so are the cats.  If we’re downstairs working out, the cats are stretching on the mat with us.  One time my cat even tried to follow us down the road before I had to pick him up and return him home.  I think he would’ve continued to follow us.  I swear he thinks he’s a dog.  Be in the same room as your loved ones.   Take an interest in what they’re doing.  Join in.  When you spend time taking an interest in your loved ones you develop shared memories and in turn a bond.  This builds more trust and makes people feel cared for.

May you take the opportunity each day to show someone you love them and receive that same joyful feeling in return. 

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Which number comes easiest to me?
  2. Which number I find I struggle with the most?
  3. Which number do I find each loved one responds the most positively to? 
  4. Which number do I find each loved one responds the least to?
  5. What steps will I take to work on the number I do the least?
  6. What steps will I take to do more of what my loved one responds the most positively to?

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