8 Romantic Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime that Aren’t Corny

I love a good romance movie that makes me feel all is right with the world.  I’ll sneak in a corny Lifetime Christmas movie, but I really love the movies with an in depth plot, one where I can connect and engage with the characters, learn something, and maybe enjoy a unique setting.  I feel like these movies fit the bill.  I dare say you could even watch them with your husband or your family. 

On Netflix


This was a movie that combined Indian culture and romance with a unique setting.  It won at multiple film festivals in 2007.  I loved this movie!

Bridget Jones’ Diary

Aww.  I love this quirky movie!  Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant.  How can you not love it?  A funny plot of course: a reporter makes plenty of gaffes at home and at work, meanwhile documenting her love life in her diary.

Palm Trees in the Snow

Set on an African plantation, a woman finds a letter and travels to discover the answers to the clues it details.  I like a story with secrets and some mystery so this sounds interesting.  It’s well rated too. 

Save the Last Dance

If there was one film on the last that was a bit predictable, this would be it.  However, the plot is well done and so is the acting.  I really enjoyed the movie, especially the music.  Maybe to relive the younger days or watch with your teen?

Good Will Hunting

One of my favorites (probably because I’m a teacher)!  So well done.  This is a fabulous film about a professor who sees mathematical promise in the young janitor working at his school.  With the tremendous talent of Matt Damon, Robin Williams, and Minnie Driver how could you go wrong?

Big Stone Gap

I loved the book by Adriana Trigiani so when I saw it was written and directed by her, I knew it would be good.  Add to that the bonus of Whoopi Goldberg and Ashley Judd as the main actresses and you had a winning combination for a great film adaptation of a book. 

Today’s Special

A fun movie about food, love, and following your dreams.  I really enjoyed this movie.  It won best of the fest at Palm Springs International Film Fest in 2009.

Kiss and Cry

This movie is based on a true story of a high school figure skater who gets cancer and copes through singing. Beautiful! This inspiring love story will pull at your heart strings. The actress who played the main character also was friends with her.

On Amazon Prime

Listen to Your Heart

A man falls in love with a woman who can’t hear the music he writes for her.  This is a powerful story about following your heart when the people who love you worry you’re going to get hurt.  Won Best Picture, Screenplay, Indie Feature, and Feature Film at multiple international film festivals.


A beautiful film about widows in India and the challenges they face.  It follows a child widow as you grows up and falls in love.  Winner of 17 awards and nominated 15 times.  A must see! Can rent on Amazon.

Under the Tuscan Sun

A fabulous book with great recipes, and the movie was amazing too.  A woman moves to Italy and falls in love with the food, its culture, and the people.  There’s beautiful Italian scenery throughout the film.

Moonrise Kingdom 

Two teens fall in love and run away into the wilderness while people search for them.  It has Bill Murray and Bruce Willis so it’s gotta be good and have some humor.  Well rated and won awards. 

Begin Again 

Begin Again is about a musician and a producer, both needing some help to move forward, who find each other.  Rent on Amazon. 

High Strung

High Strung is about a street dancer and a professional dancer who compete together in a dance competition.  Rent on Amazon.

Like Water for Chocolate

This was a great movie about a woman who could transfer emotions to her customers via her food.  I watched Chocolat, but that’s not available on Netflix, unfortunately.  


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