Best blogs for kids activities part 2

best kids blogs

Best blogs for kids activities part 2

Why stop at the ultimate blog when there are other wonderful blogs out there too?

These blogs have multiple posts I enjoyed.  I like one stop internet shopping for information because otherwise I’m a bookmark hog: one website for this activity and another for that one fills up my favorites folder quite quickly.

These are blogs where you’ll find excellent content again and again.  I like blogs with a clean layout that are  easy to navigate with lots of inspirational pictures.  All of these blogs have that. 

I hope you’re as inspired as I was…

Imagination Tree

I love this site because the content is creative.  I love the idea of acts of kindness at Christmas using the kindness elves.  She’s an educator as well so she’s full of ideas on activities to build skills in children that are fun and creative. 

When my little one is a bit older I want to try the themed treasure baskets.

Fun at Home with the Kids

This is a fun site with lots of articles and pictures to inspire you.   She even has books with lots of ideas too.   I like the borax free gak and portable game kits.  I’ve tried the slime with my niece and she loved it.  We even mixed it with some cloud dough to make a more colorful texture concoction.

Lemon Lime Adventures

I like this website specifically for all its baby activities with corresponding pictures and descriptions.  She also has content about kids with sensory processing disorder and teaching articles like writing prompts and stem activities.  I’m looking forward to trying the baby safe cloud dough and spring plants sensory bottles.

What blogs do you find helpful in finding activities to do with your child?  Did you find any activities on these blogs inspiring?

Happy Playing…

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