Best Pregnancy Workout Sites

fitness pregnant websites

I wanted to stay active while pregnant but I wanted some help and inspiration along the way.

Best Pregnancy Workout Sites

I love Carrots n Cake because she provides quick and routines that you can do at home or on the go. I also like how they’re often in an easy to read infographic that I can just see on my phone and not have to scroll through text and videos to get to what to do next.

Diary of a Fit Mommy is an excellent website for workouts. She rocks. She includes fitness tips, mommy tips, diet tips, and of course rocking workouts.

Knocked Up Fitness includes a paid program and free sign up for workouts. You can also get some exercises on her blog like this hamstring one.

Want to know what types of workouts to try in each trimester? You can see this article: Safe Pregnancy Workouts: Best Exercises by Trimester.

Inspirational Blogs to Help You Workout While Pregnant and After

The ladies at Purely Twins provide you safe exercises to do while pregnant. They also have a lot of recipes too: raw coconut cream chocolate bliss bars, no bake strawberry blueberry layered cheesecake, high fat protein energy almond butter chocolate chip bites . Every recipe always looks delicious but I haven’t tried many because they use ingredients I don’t always have on hand like coconut oil, cashews, or dates.  However they’re still on my to try list.

Fit to be Pregnant has lots of information about food, fitness, and self-care during and after pregnancy. She also has a mentorship program to help you find and be happy with your ideal body that has rave reviews. Find her work out ideas here. She’s one tough cookie and an inspiration!

Be Fit Mom provides lots of excellent fitness health and exercise info for when you’re pregnant and after. You’ll find information on pelvic floor exercises, diastasis recti, aerobic and strength exercises, hydration and what being pregnant does to your body and how that changes your workout routines.

Want your own post-pregnancy training program all mapped out for you? Try Jamie Eason’s training course.

Workout Mamma Inspiration

I like to learn about fit moms and how they maintain fitness during and after pregnancy. I find it inspiring, motivating, and helpful. Here are some places to find some awesome fit moms.

Shapefit Fit Moms

Maria Kang

If you’re looking for activewear while you’re pregnant, try Fittamamma.

5 thoughts on “Best Pregnancy Workout Sites

  1. Dana says:

    Love this post!
    Staying active during pregnancy (especially if its your first) isn’t easy and has you doubting.
    You listed great resources (some of them I used myself when researching the needs for the Maternity Activewear brand we built ).
    This helps to spread much needed knowledge and inspiration. ?

    • naturelover17 says:

      Dear Dana,

      That’s so great you created a line of maternity wear for actively fit ladies. I’m glad you liked the resources. If you have any more you’d recommend based on your own fitness experience, would love to know too (always looking for something new and interesting). All the best in your business venture, Katie

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