Best Sites for Kids Activities Part 1

After hours of having fun looking at sensory activities for my little one I found I kept book marking the same site.  So don’t be like me and have a million book marks of separate pages.  Instead you can have a go-to website…which is a lot less overwhelming.

Kids Activity Blog

This is the ultimate website for activities for kids.  You can find activities for babies, toddlers, preschool, and school age children.  Plus by finding ideas on her blog, you’ll have links to other neat blogs too.  The layout is colorful and visually appealing.  She has lots of pictures of the activities you can get an idea if you like it before you even click.  Each link has a description too.  I loved the postings about all things squishy like play dough and slime.  Who knew you could make edible and scented play dough?  Squishy gak with ingredients from home? Cool!

Want to do a fun project and create a toy for your little one?  I found these posts motivating. Indoor playhouses – so cool!

As a teacher of course I like the educational posts like science labs and story telling crafts and learning to read activities.

The site is a little overwhelming with all the options but I love it as a go-to resource. I just try one thing at a time.

Of course my little one is only three months so a lot of these posts are things I can look forward to doing with him.  However, I did try cloud dough and a water blob that I found from this site for my nieces at Christmas and they really loved them. 

What activities have you tried on this blog or you think would be fun to try with your little one?

I hope you find an activity to try today.

Happy playing…

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