Best Websites for Workout Routines

You want to workout at home but don’t know where to start. If you’re like me you’ll stand there for 10 minutes just trying to find a good workout and then you’ve lost the motivation to do it or the time in my case. I don’t have a lot of time to work out during the day so I need to plan out my exercises ahead of time. Here are some places to start.

Beginning Workouts Videos

This channel has work out tips, yoga, short workouts, recipe ideas, and workouts from people like Jillian Michaels and Denise Austin

I personally didn’t find these challenging enough but if you’re just starting out working out this is low impact and easy to follow.  There are a lot of workouts you can do too so you won’t be bored.

If you can get over the dated look of the videos you’ll find it has a lot of good exercises.  They’re easy to follow and range from beginner to intermediate.  Personally I like the bikini body workout because it works the abs with exercises I don’t usually see that’ll challenge me but I still feel I can be successful at.

Workout Routines Without Video

Bodybuilding is great for workout routines, especially for weights. I like how I can find a routine to work a target area like legs or arms. You can also find a plan or trainer for a monthly fee to help you to meet your fitness goal with daily exercise routines, tracking sheets, videos, and exercise schedules.

I particularly liked these trainers. Jamie Eason has an awesome program for moms and Erin Stern is great to kick your butt into gear and build muscle.

Skinny Ms is free and has lots of workout routines. They show how to do the exercises from youtube but not all the videos work. Most do though.

I  like the articles from Shape. You can search workouts, music, trends, gear and tips.

Looking for More?

You might also like Dance Workouts for more fun and high energy workouts (which I love).

These are my favorite go-to workout sites.

I have Turbo Fire by Charlene Johnson and love the high energy, high intensity, and music blasting workouts. They are awesome. You can see online videos here for a fee. Buy the dvds on Ebay here. Want something less intense? She has a new program here (no weights or jumping).

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