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activities for babies

Now my favorite blogs for kids play also happen to be for baby play.  These sites put together a plethora of activities by category with pictures and descriptions.  So now you have links to activities specifically for babies.

Lemon Lime Adventures

Kids Activities Blog

Imagination Tree

Fun At Home with Kids

These are the ones I can’t wait to try:

I want my son to be better at math than I was so I’d like to try the wooden beads on string attached to a box like to create an abacus.

I love arts and crafts and look forward to when we can paint at the table in all its messy finger painting glory.  This idea means I can start even earlier than I thought… How about edible paint using yogurt and pureed berries for the coloring? 

My little one is super observant and likes to touch and stare at things so this touch and wall sensory board looks cool.  I don’t think I’d put mine on a wall though.  Maybe a table or book?  I like all the textures and that it’s also every day objects. 

I love the idea of sensory play using empty VOSS water bottles. You can add any liquid or sold items you choose for your little one to shake or look at like colored water, grains, hand soap with beads.  They could even be color coordinated! Another blog even had them in plastic containers too and calls them discovery boxes. 

Treasure baskets or busy boxes are another sensory activity but with large, safe objects kids can explore on their own.  You don’t have to buy toys.  Just use items from around the house.  My little one hasn’t gotten to this stage yet but I love how practical and simple the idea is.

My little one has just started to like peek a boo.  What about a peek a boo board?

I tried this with my niece when she turned one and she had fun squishing it.  Her older sister who was three enjoyed it too.  So what’s nice about sensory activities is that kids of all ages enjoy them.

This is just a sampling of all the fun you can have with your little one. 

Which activities did you think your little one will enjoy the most?

Happy Playing…


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