Tasty Oatmeal Recipes to Warm Up Your Morning

Bored with the same old breakfasts? Tired of spending money on those quick oatmeal packets with tiny bits of fruit? Looking for recipes to get excited about in the morning?

In Tasty Oatmeal Recipes to Warm Up Your Morning you’ll find over 30 tasty oatmeal recipes to try like lemon meringue pie, chocolate chip cookie dough, tiramisu, and cherry cream.

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The Seasons of Words

Words give our lives shape. In Katie Donovan’s first book of poetry The Seasons of Words images are woven together to create meaning and perspective from our daily experiences. In this four part collection of poems each part has a theme related to a season. Topics range from love, loss, uncertainty, self-discovery, and natural beauty. Reading her poetry is like putting words to feelings you cannot express and you feel like someone truly understands you: “Silver linings are pinned to the ground / And dreams drift like smoke.” Full of emotion and lyrical beauty, the poems will speak to the reader. Take a journey of images and experience a new way of piecing together the puzzle of our world. So no matter what stage of life you’re in, read Seasons of Words and realize you’re not alone.

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