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  • Take the 5 Day Challenge to Boost your Happiness

    What’s the secret to happiness?  What provides meaning to life? You ask people alone all day and they’ll say company.  You ask teens struggling with depression and school and they’ll talk about their peers, belonging, being able to be themselves around others.  You ask parents and they’ll say their child’s laugh or smile. You ask […]

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  • Stop Feeling Guilty: The One Question to Ask Yourself

    Be your own friend. When guilt creeps up on you, ask yourself: What would I tell a friend? Get Rid of Guilt About Me Time I went for a walk after work and felt guilty. I felt guilty for doing something for myself.

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  • Three Entertaining True Story Must Reads for Animal Lovers

    I always find it difficult to find inspiring non-fiction.  I’m so glad my mom is a voracious reader who likes non-fiction and has the same taste as me.  She recently recommended some true stories about animals that I absolutely loved and hope you will as well.  I think my favorite is Following Atticus.  This is […]

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  • Two Essential Things to Tell Yourself When You Compare Yourself to Others

    self esteem

    Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we can. Often we just accept a negative view of ourselves as fact. However, it doesn’t have to be true if you don’t want it to be. Stop saying to yourself… I won’t ever be as stylish as her. I won’t ever be as good a baker. I […]

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  • Staying Sane at Home with a Toddler

    I tried to do a variety of activities with my son: blocks, cars, coloring, reading, red light, green light, etc. Still seven hours seemed so long when each activity lasted ten minutes or so.

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  • There’s Never Enough Time: Managing Your Time Mommy Post Series 2

    being more productive

    There’s not enough time. That’s what I used to say. While it’s true, I can no longer use it as an excuse. No more excuses.  That’s what I needed to tell myself.  The concept of me time changed after having my son and I used that as an excuse to do less.  I didn’t have […]