How Food Habits Can Affect Your Happiness

Lately my husband and I have been enjoying a bit too much ice cream.  What was a treat became a nightly enjoyment.  I couldn’t believe I was actually getting sick of ice cream!  The same thing with pizza.  We would go out for pizza once in a while to celebrate a special event or if we both got home late and didn’t have time to make dinner.  Then suddenly I noticed we were having pizza more frequently.  I was growing tired of one of my favorite treats. 

We had just gone out for dinner to celebrate the start of summer and had a sundae for dessert.  We got home, put our little one to bed, and my husband asked if I wanted ice cream.  Without thinking I said yes and he laughed, and then I realized he was joking and it was automatic to associate the evening routine with ice cream.  I knew we needed to change our habits.

I think about a scene from the movie Unleashed with Jet Li where he has ice cream for the first time, his face filled with wonder and joy as he revels in its sweet and sticky goodness.   I had lost that joy and wonder in eating ice cream and pizza.  Having too much of it not only made it less appealing but also took the special out it. 

I realized that we were doing this for two reasons: comfort and routine.  I talked with my husband and we agreed to change our routine.  We started eating healthier alternatives instead of ice cream and after a few days I no longer missed the ice cream or felt it necessary to our routine.  At the end of the week we bought some and my husband said after not having it for a week, he never thought it tasted so good. 

May you find healthy food habits that help you find joy and thankfulness in food again.

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