How to Make the Man in Your Life Feel Special this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day isn’t just for the ladies…guys are part of the celebration too.  What do you do though, when most of the gifts we associate around the holiday are oriented towards women?

Time to Himself:  Maybe he doesn’t get much time to himself to pursue a hobby, go out with the guys, or watch a film.  This could be a great time to give him that.

Get Him a Treat: Special type of booze?  Scatch tickets? Junk food he’d like buy never buys? 

Do Something Sweet: Do his chores too, watch a show with him you’d never watch and actually engage in it, write a flirty text/note, do a scavenger hunt with little clues for a bigger gift at the end.  The scavenger hunt clues could have a little food or gift item at each location or just another clue.  My husband would enjoy those little alcohols at the liquor store, Lindt chocolate, something Reeses, or scratch tickets.  All a special treat…

Not Celebrating at All: Sometimes just thinking of what to do for Valentine’s day can be stressful for your guy, so taking him off the hook and not celebrating can be a gift in itself (as long as you’re okay with it).  We’re doing that this year – no cards or gifts…just a meal we cook together.  Sounds good to me.  

Want ideas to celebrate the holiday for couples? How about Valentine’s Day without Chocolate, Candy, or Cards?

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