How to Make the Woman in Your Life Feel Special this Valentine’s Day

I don’t know if your loved one is like me.  I like chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and cards, but find they means less on a day when it may be expected.  It seems more obligatory than meaningful to me.  So if your loved one likes something a little different or you’re looking to do something a little different here are some ideas.

Time to Herself: For some women the gift of time is the best gift you can give.  Time to herself to do whatever: take a bath, read a book, watch a girlie film, do a

workout, catch up on whatever, pursue a hobby.  If your loved one seems frazzled, busy all the time, or does so much for others and doesn’t make a lot of time for herself, this could be the perfect gift.

Swap Roles:  I know this was a great birthday gift from my husband one year.  I normally cook dinner, do the dishes, and get our son ready for bed.  He did all that so I could get in a workout, catch up on some emails and more.  So he took on my usual routine so that I would have more time.  It was a pleasant surprise.  It’s like a gift of time with a bonus of less to do too.

Get her Something Sweet: This means something very different to each woman.  Maybe it’s her favorite chocolate, her favorite dessert, or take her to get a treat somewhere of her choice.  I’m all about chocolate mousse and Lindt chocolates so something like that would be good for me.  Give me free reign in Hannaford and I’ll get all sorts of little things for myself I wouldn’t normally indulge in like those frosted honey buns…yum.

Do Something Sweet: This might take some more planning or thought.  A scavenger hunt for a special gift, a slide show of photos of her or both of you with a sweet message on each or at the end about loving her and how beautiful she is, or watch a girlie movie and actually find something interesting and enjoyable about it.  You could even take your something sweet and get lots of the same or different ones and hide them around the house where she usually goes or give clues.  How about a note with your favorite memories of the two of you and why you like them?

Pamper Her: Bubble bath, massage, gift certificate for a massage, a little shopping trip for something special. 

Want ideas on how to celebrate for couples? How about Valentine’s Day without Chocolate, Candy, or Cards?

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