I’m Bored…There’s nothing to do where I live…10 Places to Get Started Looking…

This is how my husband and I feel.    We live in a small town where the local farmer’s market is the weekly event, once a year there’s a chili fest, and a cardboard car sled race.  That’s about it.  Other areas around us have some things to do too but that’s a half hour drive and even then the selection is limited. 

We’re not crafty people, though I would love to be so staying at home and doing woodwork or sewing for fun to beat the bad weather or boredom doesn’t work for us.  And there aren’t any classes around to learn; I’ve looked.  So what do we do? 

It takes a bit of creativity, planning, and initiative to find things to do in a small town or rural location. 

This has been an ongoing issue in my life as a single woman, as a couple, and now as a family.  But there’s hope.  Even with an infant I could…

Go bowling

Go to trivia night we just discovered at the local pizza place

Explore local farmer’s market

Go to concert in the park they just started up

Go for an evening stroll after dinner

Post a flyer to start a board game group once a month, once a week or something

So it’s not great, but it’s doable.   So whether your closest neighbor is half a mile away, you live in a small town where bingo is the thing to do, you live in the suburbs where a drive can get you to the excitement, or you live in the excitement but still find it hard to find things to do try these avenues I tried and if that doesn’t work you can start your own if you’re a go getter.


Local chamber of commerce website

Tourist websites for your location

Meetups in the area

Internet forums or list serves

Local festivals

Local town events

Local volunteer organizations to meet new people

Events in the newspaper

Friends and family in the area

                -start a craft or hobby.  Here are some great websites to get started…

-have friends and family get together with snacks, games,

So I can wallow and wish I lived somewhere with more to do or I can make the best of it. 

I have put on my calendar ideas to try each week to motivate me to get out and try something new.  Already I’ve gone to a free children’s show and an easy hike in a neighboring town.

What do you do for fun in your town? 

May you find ways to enjoy where you are.

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