Serving and Uplifting Others: Gifts and Random Acts of Kindness

My neighbor and I like to chat about gardening and the weather, always a smile when we see each other.  So when I found out his father died, who I knew,  I wanted to do something to show I cared.  I gave a card and muffins and walked them over.  My heart blossomed with happiness and I knew I wanted to do it again. 

It made me think of expanding my thoughtfulness repertoire beyond people I knew. 

Have you ever seen the Liberty Mutual Commercials?  I love them.  People helping others: selflessly, without expecting thanks in return, and inspiring others to pay it forward.  I could do acts of kindness like this.  I hope you’ll be inspired too.

For more random acts of kindness see these sites:

Kindness Elves   (Christmas elves)

Random Acts of Kindness for Families

Family Service Projects

May you find ways to lift others up during your day.

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