Stop Feeling Guilty: The One Question to Ask Yourself

Be your own friend. When guilt creeps up on you, ask yourself: What would I tell a friend?

Get Rid of Guilt About Me Time

I went for a walk after work and felt guilty. I felt guilty for doing something for myself. Why? Because I felt I was taking away time I could be spending with the boys. It doesn’t have to be either or though. You might need to be creative but me time can be carved out. Maybe not as much as you’d like. Maybe not in the way you’d like, but it can be done.

What would I tell my friend?

I would tell my friend. You go girl. You’ll have more energy for your kids.

Get Rid of Guilt About Not Being Like Your Friend

I’m not as … as so and so. Okay. Maybe that’s true but man you rock at … We all have our strengths and weaknesses and that goes for your friends too. They’re going to have their own troubles or wish there was something about someone else they wished they could be more like.

What would I tell my friend?

Harness your strengths. Pursue your passions. Use those to introduce new skills to your kids, to create memories and traditions together.

I don’t try to be really artsy at home anymore. Sometimes I’ll find a cool craft on Pinterest, but I leave that to school. I go take my kids on adventures outdoors. We go exploring.

My boys ask to go for picnics now. What are we going to do next momma?

And I’m ready and loving it. Let’s go!

Whenever you have momma doubt separate yourself from the situation and the emotions.

Ask yourself what advice would you give to someone else and maybe you’ll find your answer.

May you find the peace you need.

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