• Relationships
  • Responding to Other People’s Negative Emotions: Sometimes You’re Just Tree #4

    Sometimes you’re just tree #4 in someone else’s life.  This anecdote from Bob Goff’s Everybody, Always, really struck me. I’m not the hero or the villain, I may just be tree #4, part of the scenery in someone else’s life.  At the grocery store I asked the woman bagging if she could use paper bags […]

  • Personal Growth
  • Two Essential Things to Tell Yourself When You Compare Yourself to Others

    self esteem

    Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we can. Often we just accept a negative view of ourselves as fact. However, it doesn’t have to be true if you don’t want it to be. Stop saying to yourself… I won’t ever be as stylish as her. I won’t ever be as good a baker. I […]