Trusting in the midst of the Unknown

If you let go of the safety bar and put your hands in the air on a rollercoaster some would say it’s a freeing experience, full of adrenaline.  Why?  You’re letting go, literally.  You’re letting go of fear and entrusting your life and safety to something you cannot control.  This is freeing.  (ROLLER COASTER)

The same is true with God: “…a slave is one who does more his own will and less the will of God, while a freeman is one who does more the will of God and less his own will.” –Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic, Prologue of Ohrid.  When we let go of our fear and entrust our life in something beyond our control, God, we are free.  We could even look at it as an experience of adrenaline, full of mystery and adventure because we are being guided. 

Currently I’m waiting for the birth of our little one, who is determined to make a late entrance into the world.  Each day I wonder if this will be the day and each day passes by and it is not.  Frequently throughout the day I remind myself that when our baby is born is beyond my control and I need to let go of the safety bar and put my hands in the air and enjoy the adrenaline of the rollercoaster ride of the end of pregnancy.  It’s an adventure and a mystery.    (PREGNANCY)

When we are eager, anxious, or worried sometimes we need to try a new perspective to help assuage those emotions and trust in circumstances beyond our control.

May you remember the positive aspect of the unknown and trust in God when life throws you for a loop.

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