When I Can’t See Myself the Way God Does

It’s likely we’ve all had those moments when we look in the mirror and don’t like what we see, when we look at our lives and feel discouraged, when we wonder what our purpose and value is, which the Jason Gray video “Remind me Who I am” illustrated so poignantly.    How do we build ourselves back up? I think it’s a mix of perspective and purposeful action. 

Change your Perspective

In the book Being Bread by Stephen Muse he says, “I’m not good enough, but God says I am” (37).  So when we feel discouraged, remembering that God who created you thinks you’re beautiful and have a purpose can give you comfort. 

Take Purposeful Action

Muse goes onto say, “We are not in the process of creating peace through arriving at perfection so much as removing the obstacles in our own hearts that distort and prevent our recognition of the unfolding goodness God has already invested in every part of creation and pour into us with each breath” (34).  So we need to not just change the way we think of ourselves, but take steps to have a more positive outlook so we can recognize the goodness in ourselves.

Not feeling very beautiful or handsome today?  Don’t compare yourself to others’ appearance.  Instead, be thankful for what you have.  Full head of hair?  Soft skin? Huggable body? Lean figure? Great style? If you do find yourself sneaking in a comparison, say a prayer for that person wishing them the best or think a happy thought about them.  This will take the focus off yourself.

Not feeling very good about yourself with your purpose and your worth?  Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker born without arms and legs, says, “Be a friend when you need friendship.  Give hope when you need it most” (35).  If you give when you don’t feel valued “…you’ll be amazed at how valuable you feel” (Vujicic 87).  So if you take the focus off yourself and what you’re feeling to help others you’ll in turn help yourself. 

So if you remember that God thinks you’re good enough even when you don’t, give thanks for what you have, and help others in the midst of your own negative feelings, you’ll find that you’ll look in the mirror and like what you see, look at your life and feel encouraged, and even feel like you know or are moving towards your purpose. 

May you see the goodness in yourself and others each day. 

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