Winter Warm Up: 5 Soups to Savor and Stay Cozy

Nothing says comforting like wrapping your hands around a warm cup or bowl of soup.

I love Panera’s broccoli cheese in a bread bowl, especially because I can eat the bowl, but I love making soups even more.

They’re a great thing to serve guests too.  I recently served an autumn harvest stew with cheddar biscuits (a recipe I got from Dena Bray’s at her cooking class years ago) and turkey meatballs to guests over the weekend. Delish!  Looking forward to making it again soon.

Italian Wedding Soup

I love this soup!  Meatballs with spinach in a flavorful broth. I gotta make this again this winter.  Such an easy recipe too.

Chicken and Gnocchi Soup

You know that delicious chicken and gnocchi soup at the Olive Garden?  Well this tastes just as delicious!  

Seafood Chowder

I have tried different chowder recipes and this one was the best for me.  It’s really a flexible recipe because I only included the seafood I liked and kept the base of onion, butter, and cream for the flavor.  You could even add corn, bay leaves, and marjoram if you wanted.  It goes great with crusty bread.

Simon Pearce’s Vermont Cheddar Soup

I can’t go to Simon Pearce and not order this soup.  It’s that amazing.  Now you can make it at home!

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